Comprehensive Coating & Lining Options in Central & Western Canada

Coatings 2000 Ltd. brings special vessel coating and tank lining for industrial businesses throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba. We proudly offer the following types of coating and lining products for our clientele:

  • Enamels
      1. Resistant to scratching, chipping and fading
      2. Smooth layers
      3. Temperature resistant
  • Epoxies
      1. Thin film
      2. High build
      3. Typically more expensive, but produce stronger, more temperature-resistant components
  • Urethane
      1. Ideal for high-volume traffic areas; able to withstand chemicals while retaining colour and gloss
  • Vinyl Esters (Fibreglass)
      1. Provide chemically resistant, heavy-duty finishes that allow for more wear, impacts and abrasion resistance
  • Zincs
      1. Allow for less corrosion than metal coatings due to barrier protection
      2. Lightweight
      3. Durable and recyclable
  • 100% Solids
      1. Offer a higher level of performance due to their thicker coatings, corrosion resistance and fewer coats

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